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Mo is a social recognition platform that helps forward-thinking leaders go beyond transactional rewards to cultivate the behaviours of the world's top-performing teams.

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Mo helps you...

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Build recognition habits

Create recognition habits that solve the top reason why rewards and recognition schemes fail to deliver results

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Surface unsung heroes

Make invisible work visible, to boost motivation and make it easy for leaders to see who deserves to be recognised

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Inspire better conversations

Replace uninspiring 121s and demotivating performance reviews with honest, real-time feedback and reflection

Express yourself and truly belong

Mo is a safe place to capture your identity and share what matters to you with your team and colleagues.

  • Share support for colleagues
  • Recognise others' achievements
  • Celebrate team moments
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Unlock a deeper understanding of your team

Get to know what’s really important to those you work with. Understanding what makes others tick and how you can work best with them is the key to creating meaningful working relationships.

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Mo - Unlock a deeper understanding of your team
Mo - Be seen, be heard, be valued

Celebrate the moments that matter

Celebration has a powerful impact on team morale and collaboration. It increases inclusion & connection, and shows people that you care about and appreciate them.

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Why we're different

Upgrade your culture by changing the interactions that happen day in, day out. Mo has been designed to effortlessly develop new habits, simply by using it.

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Adopt the habits of top-performing teams by auto- prompting people to give recognition, share wins and celebrate success in line with your values and goals

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Make it effortless with help, templates and tips that eliminate friction and make sharing fun

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Make it rewarding and frequent with gamified feedback and progress tracking to inspire consistent, transformative action

Your culture HQ

70% of top down transformation efforts fail. Instead, evolve your culture bottom up with a toolkit for spreading appreciation, belonging and a whole lot of awesome.

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Share moments that matter

Share private, public and team posts to celebrate wins, give praise or say thank you

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Cultivate game-changing habits

Nudge colleagues to appreciate, celebrate and engage: tiny actions, huge impact

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Never forget a special occasion

Set up reminders for birthdays, work anniversaries or any special occasion worth celebrating

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Tools for leaders

Mo helps leaders to nurture, influence, unite, and strengthen individuals by giving them better visibility of what’s important to everyone, what people are proud of, what they care about, and what motivates them.

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